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Wilink8 wifi module integration

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Wilink8 wifi module integration

Hi ,
     i am following the scripts ,that  has been put up there to integrate the module with microzed board.
 But i am working on zedboard and it has been told on the above website that wilink8 can be integrtaed with zedboard also, however i am finding it very difficult as those scripts are not directly can be used for the zedboard. Though with the help of this zedboard and microzed forum i have progressed little bit . So on this way i have got the script "".
 I just want to ask that ;-
1- In this script what are we doing and ,
2- what is use of this script .Only thing that i cud guess is that it is being used for creation of ramdisk image but still there are other things in this which i cud not understood like what is TIInit_11.8.32.bts, gatttool etc.
3- and lastly , can it be used seamlessly for zedboard?
I also read the discussions at regarding similar thing but that is for microzed.
Please reply me and guide me. I am not able to move further.

Hello Aditya,

Hello Aditya,

I found this interesting getting started guide wiki over at TI.