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Use of Zedboard within commercial product

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Use of Zedboard within commercial product

I'm wondering if there are licensing issues with using the the Zedboard within a commercial product, or in combination with a commercial product such as a custom FMC mezzanine card?

This would save smaller companies a lot of expense in creating their own custom silicon around the Zynq FPGA which would essentially perform the same tasks as the Zedboard.

I know that it is not possible with Xilinx Development boards as per this post;

Using Avnet boards in a commercial product

In the Xilinx forum thread that you reference, the Avnet response was

If there is a compatible Avnet board with FMC that will work for you, then Avnet Engineering Services will build them for your production.

You can also negotiate some customization if there are features you want removed to save cost or changes that you want on your build (different speed grade FPGA, for example).
If you are interested in this, please contact
That would apply here as well.
You could also work with your local Avnet FAE to see if we will have a Mini-Module Plus that fits your needs.  These are intended to be integrated into commercial products.  See as an example of the form factor and development platform.


Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the quick reply Bryan.

I very much like the concept of the Mini-module plus system, though we were specifically looking for a board based on the Zynq processor, do you know if there are any plans for such? (Unfortunately, I had previously attempted to contact my local Avnet FAE regarding this very issue and received no response).
It is good to know that those modules can be used in a commercial application, I thought they might have the same restrictions as the Xilinx Development kits, being also listed as development.

I was intrigued by the customisation options specified in the linked thread, however I thought that for a use where the Zedboard would suffice, the cost would be quite prohibitive for a limited run, probably between 100-500 items, that is if it's possible to use it.