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MiniZed doesn't recognize USB Ethernet

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MiniZed doesn't recognize USB Ethernet

Hi, I'm trying to add a usb ethernet port to connect to the MiniZed via wired Ethernet.  It does not seem to be recognizing the Ethernet hardware.  How can I get the  hardware recognized and get drivers installed to get the hardware operational.  

Which USB-Ethernet dongle are

Which USB-Ethernet dongle are you using? Please provide a part number.

Are you using the out-of-box PetaLinux image and hoping for Plug-n-Play? I'm not sure we pre-loaded the correct stuff, but I can ask. Give me as much detail as you can, and I will pass it along to our developers.


More detail

Here's a link to the item on Amazon if that helps:
Yes, I am using the out of box PetaLinux image.  Plug and play isn't necessary, just looking for information on how to install the correct components, even as a volatile solution.  I'll figure out how to update the image after I verify the device will work at all.  As you can see from the product description, this product has an Ethernet port and 3 USB ports.  The USB ports are detected but there doesn't seem to be any recognition of the Ethernet at any point in the boot process.  
  Does that help clarify?  Let me know what additional information you need.
Thanks for your help,

Enable USB ACM/CDC in kernel

You'll need to add USB ACM & CDC drivers to your kernel build in Petalinux. I have this working for a Sabrent Ethernet dongle, which uses an ASIX chipset.. You could try this:

$ petalinux-config -c kernel

Kernel Config GUI:

Device Drivers

   -> USB Support

          <*> USB Modem (CDC ACM) support



Device Drivers

   -> USB Support

            -> USB Gadget Support

                     <m> CDC Composite Device (Ethernet and ACM)



Device Drivers

    -> Network device support

              -> USB Network Adapters

                        <*> Multipurpose USB Networking Framework

                                 ... add your chipset if you see it



You may also need to add the following to your /etc/network/interfaces file:


# Wired or wireless interfaces
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp


If you're not connecting to a DHCP router/switch, then you'll need to set the IP address manually in your interface file. Something like this:


iface eth0 inet static