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Microzed USB host

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Microzed USB host


I am trying to configure the Microzed 7010 as a USB host which will send data from Memory out through the USB port. I took a look into the AXI USB 2.0 Device application note , but I dont have the license required for that particular IP block.

1. Is there a way to setup the Microzed as a USB host for Baremetal ?
2. What would be an ideal starting point to help me develop the application that I mentioned above.

Any help would be great!!


The Zynq device on the

The Zynq device on the MicroZed board has a USB controller as part of the Processor Section that can be used in host mode. Take a look at the demo on page 28 of the MicroZed Getting Started Guide as an example:
While this demo uses Linux you can take a look at the example code in the SDK for bare metal examples. Once you have exported your hardware design to the SDK open the system.mss file, under your bsp directory in the Project Explorer in the pane to the left, and click on the 'examples' link next to the ps7_usb_0 peripheral.