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HDMI FlowThru App? In MicroZed Vision Getting Started

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HDMI FlowThru App? In MicroZed Vision Getting Started

Starting out-of-the box with the MicroZed Embedded Vision Carrier Card using the MicroZed 7020.

I've followed the EMBV Getting Started Guide

I'm using SD image downloaded from
EMBV - HDMI Passthrough Reference Design, Vivado 2014.4

I've progressed to page 19, successfully initiating serial communication with the processor, seeing dmesg following processor reset using SW2.

However, on step 18 of the Getting Started Guide I do not see the terminal output display what's shown in Figure 16... "Embedded Vision Carrier Card HDMI Pass-Through" I simply see a "zynq>" prompt. I can browse through the PS's file system but cannot locate the application to launch via command line.

Does the out of the box system support Embedded Vision Carrier Card HDMI Pass-Through?

A temporary complication is the kit did not include an FPGA programmer so I cannot configure the PL portion of the design.

Do you have the MicroZed boot

Do you have the MicroZed boot jumper setting set to SD Card mode per the diagram on page 17 of the Getting Started Guide?
It sounds like you are booting up a different image, one that just runs Linux, either from QSPI Flash, or a different SD Card image. If the boot jumpers are set correctly check and make sure that you have prepared your SD Card by erasing all existing content and then copying the image that is bundled with the Getting Started Guide Archive to the SD Card that has been formatted as FAT32.
The boot.bin image will include the PL portion of the design and the Blue 'Done' LED (D2) on the MicroZed illuminating indicates that the PL has been configured.

Gary, very nice. The

Gary, very nice. The orientation of the MicroZed (and my aging eyes) made it appear the jumpers were shipped configured for SD Card boot. Not the case. It was set for QSPI.

Thanks. I have pass through HDMI now.