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FMC-Analog Signal Connection

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FMC-Analog Signal Connection

I want to input some analog signals to FMC LPC lets say IO_L7N_TI_AD2N and IO_L7P_TI_AD7P named signals through the pins B15 and C15 which are labeled as FMC-LA30_N and FMC-LA30_P respectively. My problem is how to give the input to the FMC LPC? Should I use sth like:

or is there some special cable or adaptor that I can use to give the input directly to FMC LPC part of the ZedBoard?

Thanks in advance,

There are several 'debug' or

There are several 'debug' or development boards that will plug into the ZedBoard FMC connector:
The Xilinx XM105 board:
A google search turned up a couple of boards that I am not familiar with but you may want to look at:
Or, as you suggested, you can just use the mating connector.