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Development for Iot

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Development for Iot

I have one Zed Board is a low-cost development board for the Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC. The application that i want to develop is like this:--- From mine laptop i want to send some file by 802.11 wireless protocol like bluetooth or wifi and i want to receive this file in mine zedBoard. Additionally i also want to do partial reconfiguration which is supported by Xilinx. Please tell me is it possible on the ZedBoard that i am having and if possible then plz tell me how or provide some link to get some idea.

Hello aditya,

Hello aditya,

Yes, you should be able to implement the application you describe. You would need to add a hardware adapter to the ZedBoard to implement one of the wireless protocols. You could look at using the WLink 8 adapter ( ) or perhaps a USB wireless adapter. In either case you will probably want to use Linux for the drivers for the wireless interface.

Partial reconfiguration using Linux on the ZedBoard is also possible. There are quite a few Xilinx application notes and other information on this. Most target Zynq boards other than the ZedBoard but you should be able to leverage the designs. A google search on the subject turns up quite a few links. Here are a couple to start with:

If you want more in depth support for this you might consider posting your questions on one of the Xilinx Community Forums: