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axi ethernetlite

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axi ethernetlite

I am trying to use the Ethernetlite IP instead of emacps,
I have disabled the emacps on the Zynq and integrate the axi Ethernetlite IP, but this IP needs to connect the MII and MDIO to PHY Ethernet ,
My question is how to connect MII/MDIO and is this the right way to use the Ethernet lite IP?


You will need an external PHY

The direct connections from the Processing System (PS) of the Zynq to the MIO pins connected to the RGMII PHY on the MicroZed or the ZedBoard are not accessible from the Programmable Logic (PL). So the only way to use the EthernetLite IP in the Zynq PL would be to connect to an external PHY device via PL signal connections.
One way to do this would be to connect an FMC board with a PHY, such as this board :
The ZedBoard has a LPC FMC connector onboard. To use this with the MicroZed you would need to use the MicroZed FMC Carrier Card:

thanks Gary

thanks Gary

Hello. Suppose that I have a

Hello. Suppose that I have a FCM, is there any tutorial on how to connect the MII / MDIO ??

Or generally how to create this specific Constraint Files??

Thanks a lot in advance